Sexual Health
(7th - 12th)

We focus on Sexual Risk Avoidance (abstinence) as the only method of absolute protection. In addition to providing your child with the physical consequences that sexual activity can yield, we also highlight the dangers that can manifest for their mental health. We present the diseases that are most commonly seen and reported in addition to what they need to look out for if they experience signs and symptoms. Our education is curated from information that is factual, evidence-based, comes directly from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) National Surveillance and is updated annually. OhKnow aims to inform your child of facts, empower them to know their health, which should result in a better understanding of who they are and ultimately facilitate their ability to choose Sexual Risk Avoidance versus Sexual Risk Reduction. We are privileged to partner with you and walk along side your child.

Reproductive Health
(7th - 12th)

We re-orient the learner to what the menstrual cycle is, making sure they understand that this monthly hormone induced event, has a direct correlation with creating a human being. Our goal is to instill a sense of responsibility with their body, understanding the integrity behind choosing sexual risk avoidance as a means of protection. Going through puberty is hard enough, but not knowing what it all means can be tough on youth. Making sure they understand their bodies are engineered to carry out instructions for reproduction and how their sexual choices will escort this system’s success in creating a new life, is our priority! And if that is not enough, OhKnow nurses will also educate on milestones of embryonic and fetal development, highlighting the miracle that is conception, and end with the birthing process.

4th grade girls

Human sexuality instruction has changed in the state of Texas, to include reproductive health in 4th grade. Even though we model our standards by school board mandates, we are grateful to speak into any learner environment. “NEW” will introduce puberty and what physical changes begin to occur inside of the body, in addition to the changes that will then occur on the outside as a result, while defining the menstrual cycle. 

Change can be hard, especially when it’s something you haven’t ever experienced before! Our OhKnow nurses are honored to instill a foundation for your daughter, so when questions arise for you in your home, you will have a floor from which to stand on.