Why OhKnow

Why OhKnow

OhKnow is a nonprofit, no-cost education program that brings lessons in both Sexual Health and Fetal Development to your classroom, virtually or in-person.

Our interactive lessons are taught by registered nurses who equip students with an understanding of life inside the womb, as well as the knowledge they need to make healthy choices.

Semester after semester and year after year, teachers invite us back to their classrooms because of the impact that our program has on students. Not only does the information that we share meet TEKS requirements for Sexual Health and Fetal Development education, it is shared in a way that is engaging, exciting and eye-opening.

“This program is great for my 8th grade students. They learn so much about making informed choices. Every year I look forward to this presentation because the information is very informative. My hope is that my students will have a change in their attitudes and actions due to having more STD/STI information.”

– Tanya M., teacher at Frasier Middle School

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