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Why OhKnow? Teachers and students rave about our exciting, engaging presentations. Read below to see for yourself!


What students say:

“I really enjoyed the whole seminar…because the way they presented it was very thorough and they understood what they were talking about. They said it in a way that us teenagers could relate to and understand.”

“Very informative [and] very compelling.”

“Anyone can read it in a book, but to have someone look you in the eye and share [this information] with you in such a warm and welcoming environment is something I would definitely recommend to any high school student.”

What educators say: 

“The presentation was perfect.  It covered everything we needed to talk about and what we have discussed.  It’s great to have my students hear this information again from another voice.”

– Teacher, Lake Highlands High School

“This program is great for my 8th grade students. They learn so much about making informed choices. Every year I look forward to this presentation.”

– Tanya M., Frasier Middle School

“Very thorough, educational. Speakers are very knowledgeable & professional.”

– Teacher, North Mesquite High School